Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TOPSHOP (Kate Moss)

Damn, this girl knows how to rock it out and I am not talking about coke!
Kate Moss for TOPSHOP, sexy! Will she ever retire?! Probably not, but she does know how to kill a photo shoot! Here are some of the pictures. Seriously I do have a minor crush on her lately because she is definitely doing some crazy cool work! These pictures are quite beautiful.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Jorge Rivas

Jorge Rivas.... let me just say that it is a pleasure to work with him. We have done so much in so little time and this is only the beginning! Jorge Rivas, MUA Sandra Saenz, and myself (c.lo style) work as a team and let me just say...... watch out ;)


Jean- Philippe Martin

Finally! I got to work with Jean- Philippe Martin. Let me just say that is was a pleasure. I drove to Austin where we worked on several shoots that week end. I had the time of my life! Let's just say I came back from Austin with tons of fun quotes. One of our shoots was 'Ghosty'. We had a team that involved Jean- Philippe, model: Jessie Layne, MUA: Adibah - Dee - Azlan, Hair Stylist: Ozzie Reyes, and me (c.lo style) as the wardrobe stylist.  Let me just say that the pictures are quite amazing! Such a different concept yet beautiful!


p.s. click on their names and it will take you to their links ;)

WOW.... check this photographer out! I have worked with him numerous times and I am always impressed. He is extremely professional and he loves what he does! BOOK him he is worth it!

photographer: Anthony Chiang
model: Jessie Layne
Stylist: c.lo style

you have his information.... book him ;)

What am I?

I am a wardrobe stylist based out of Dallas, TX. I love what I do and yes..... I am still in the process of building myself up where I want to be. I was born in NY, but I was brought to Dallas because my dad re-located and I have lived here ever since. I love it and I do want to continue here, but I love to travel!

I have worked with some amazing photographers such as Anthony Chiang, Jean- Philippe Martin, and Jorge Rivas. These guys are quite amazing! I will keep you up-dated with my life and my surroundings!